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    Do you have a passion for numbers? Do you often find yourself working through calculations without getting bored or becoming confused?

    If this sounds familiar, it could mean a career as an accountant is beckoning you. There has never been a better time to consider following this career in South Africa. The country is experiencing a significant shortage of qualified people to work in the accountancy field, and this is good news for you if you want to follow this career.

    Let’s find out more about what it has to offer now.

    What does an accountant do?

    An accountant has a very important role to play in the running of a business. They will be responsible for working out all calculations concerned with payroll. Indeed some accountants specialise in this area. They also record all income and expenditure to do with the business, in order to keep proper accounts for tax purposes. An accountant will also typically check bank statements are correct and adhere to the records kept by the company, as well as preparing financial statements for the use of managers.

    Accountant Training

    What kind of training is required to become an accountant?
    As you might imagine there are several qualifications you will need in order to become an accountant in South Africa. You will be required to study to attain the BCom (Acc) and the CTA (Certificate Theory of Accounting) as well.

    You may also want to study for the Certified Accounting Technician qualification. This enables you to work as an accounting technician to get some practical experience in the workplace in this role.

    If you want to progress up the ladder as an accountant you will be required to take other exams and attain other qualifications as well. A good example is if you want to become the ultimate in accounting – a chartered accountant. This requires you to take a degree course and also to complete three years of studying before sitting another two examinations.

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    Accountant Jobs

    What kinds of jobs are available and what do they entail?
    There are lots of different jobs available for those who want to make inroads into this career. For example you can work as a project accountant, which enables you to focus on everything to do with a single project a company has established. Once you have experience you may like to move up the ladder to become a senior accountant. This usually means you will have more responsibility and you will also deal with staff.

    Other examples of accountant jobs include management accountants, who typically work at producing accounts and records for the benefit of the managers in the business. Systems accountants tend to focus on the systems a business uses and whether or not they are financially sound.

    As you can see, studying to be an accountant offers you many benefits you may not have thought of previously. If you love working with numbers and you want one of the most secure and in demand jobs in South Africa today, consider following this rewarding path.

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