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    What Are the Job Prospects For 2013 Like?
    Job Prospects 2013

    According to a recent survey, 2013 is looking less positive in terms of job prospects than many people thought. The South African labour market is expected to remain downbeat, with employers reporting one of their weakest first-quarter forecasts on record. According to the research, job seekers in the Transport, Storage & Communication sector should find the most opportunities in the quarter ahead. What are the top jobs for 2013? Some read more»

    How to Write a Killer CV
    How to write a Killer CV

    A good CV is the key to improving your future job prospects. Many employers receive hundreds of CVs in reply to just one job advert, so it makes sense to tip the odds in your favour as much as you can. It doesn’t matter what the job is: the most important thing is to ensure your CV is a killer and it gets the attention for all the right reasons. read more»

    Use the Power of Social Media to Find Your Next Job
    Social Media to Find Your Next Job

    Social media is fast becoming a promising way to find new job opportunities. The good thing about social media is that many sites are available to users in lots of different countries. This means you stand just as good a chance of using social media sites to find work in South Africa as you do at finding jobs in other countries. Here are our tips on using these sites to read more»

    Discover the 10 Best Jobs for 2013
    10 Best Jobs for 2013

    Are you looking to beef up your career in 2013? If you want to consider a new job or career path, there are plenty of opportunities to focus on for 2013 and beyond. We’ve rounded up ten of the best to think about. 1: manager Not everyone has managerial skills. If you have good skills in this area and can manage other people to produce a good team, you will read more»

    5 Up and Coming Careers You Should Consider
    5 Top Jobs South Africa

    If you haven’t decided which career to focus your sights on just yet, it may help to get some inspiration before you begin. Some workers are more desired than others in South Africa, and where a career has a shortage of qualified people there is an opportunity for you to consider a promising future. Here are some up and coming careers worth thinking about as you consider your job prospects. read more»

    The Secret Behind Making Money from Home
    The Secret Behind Making Money from Home

    Making money from home always seems to be an excellent way of earning a living. Instead of having to endure a long journey to and from work each day – perhaps to a job you don’t even like – you can get up when you wish, work at a job you love and earn more money as well. Of course it isn’t always quite that easy. So here we are read more»

    How Hard is It to Get Work Abroad?
    How Hard is It to Get Work Abroad?

    While many South Africans become qualified and/or experienced in their chosen profession and gain work in the country they were born in, others look to widen their horizons. Working abroad can be an attractive proposition for many people, especially those who want to see something of the world beyond South Africa. But how difficult is it to get work in another country? Is it easy or incredibly difficult – and read more»

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