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  • 5 Up and Coming Careers You Should Consider

    Posted on: November 21st, 2012

    5 Top Jobs South AfricaIf you haven’t decided which career to focus your sights on just yet, it may help to get some inspiration before you begin. Some workers are more desired than others in South Africa, and where a career has a shortage of qualified people there is an opportunity for you to consider a promising future.

    Here are some up and coming careers worth thinking about as you consider your job prospects.

    1: electrician

    If you want to become an electrician you need proper training, and South Africa still has a lack of qualified electricians working in the field. You also have a good opportunity to become an independent worker, earning far more than you would if you worked for an employer.

    2: computer programmer

    If you have experience with computers and know how to write computer programs, you will have a relatively secure future in this area. South Africa is woefully underserved by computer programmers, so if you can make headway in this industry you may find you can earn a very good income.

    3: teacher

    Good teachers are always required and it takes a special kind of person to be a good teacher. There are opportunities to work with young children as well as those who are much older and approaching matriculation. Since it is a challenging career there are many opportunities available for those who have what it takes to succeed.

    4: finance worker

    Most people realise the economic climate is still very challenging at present. So it should not come as a surprise that anyone with knowledge or experience in this area (in any respect) should find a promising career ahead. This could apply to accountants, managers and anyone else whose role would involve finance in some way.

    5: doctor

    It takes seven years to study the theory and do the practical work required to become a doctor. But since there is still a shortage in qualified doctors at the moment, it might be worth considering if you have the qualifications to get into one of the medical schools in South Africa.

    Are there other possibilities too?

    Yes there definitely are. If you are a professional of any kind, in virtually any career, you will likely find it easier to get work than you would if you were untrained. Trained professionals are generally far thinner on the ground in South Africa, so if you have an interest in a career that requires training and experience, this is well worth looking into. If you’ll notice, all the careers mentioned above require the person to have skills and experience and qualifications to some extent, some more than others. This will show you just how important it is to train for the job you want to get.

    So could the future be bright if you have an interest in one of these careers in South Africa today? It certainly could – so take some time to explore more information on the career potential in all of the above suggestions.

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