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    Posted on: November 21st, 2012

    10 Best Jobs for 2013Are you looking to beef up your career in 2013? If you want to consider a new job or career path, there are plenty of opportunities to focus on for 2013 and beyond. We’ve rounded up ten of the best to think about.

    1: manager

    Not everyone has managerial skills. If you have good skills in this area and can manage other people to produce a good team, you will definitely be in demand.

    2: engineer

    If you check any list of good jobs in South Africa, you’ll find engineer on there somewhere. It takes training but it is well worth putting the time and effort in if you have a skill set in this area.

    3: pharmacist

    You’ll need the right qualifications but there are lots of vacancies for qualified pharmacists across South Africa. With locum and permanent positions to consider in many areas, this is worth looking into.

    4: millwright

    Do you find it easy to look at machinery and understand how it works? Then a career as a millwright could be in your future. Millwrights are required in different industries, which is why this is a good opening for the coming year for those with the right experience and skills.

    5: sales worker

    Are you good with the general public? If you love meeting new people and you are able to cope with very busy days as well as quiet ones, you could work well as a sales worker.

    6: craft worker

    Are you good with your hands? If you have craft skills you should use them to create a good craft based career in 2013. Skilled workers of this type can be very popular indeed.

    7: computer programmer

    Computer lovers can gain experience in their own way here, as well as taking computer courses to further their skills. Programming is set to get even more popular in 2013.

    8: graphic designer

    Do you have an eye for what makes a good website? Are you able to understand how to create eye catching designs that work online? Graphic design covers many different areas, but the explosion of the internet has led to many more opportunities in this area in particular.

    9: technician

    Technicians work in all kinds of industries and tend to be in demand. You could work in a lab or in a car body shop, depending on the type of technician role you choose.

    10: machine operator

    Many industries require machines operated by skilled workers to assist in various processes. If you are the right type of person to gain those skills, you could be looking at a wide open marketplace.

    As you can see there are lots of opportunities available for those with the right skills, abilities and qualifications. You can expect to see lots of opportunities in all the above areas during 2013 and beyond. How will you further your career as the New Year comes around and presents you with more possibilities to consider? Whatever you do, we hope the above list could provide you with some inspiration.

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