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  • How Hard is It to Get Work Abroad?

    Posted on: October 25th, 2012

    How Hard is It to Get Work Abroad?While many South Africans become qualified and/or experienced in their chosen profession and gain work in the country they were born in, others look to widen their horizons. Working abroad can be an attractive proposition for many people, especially those who want to see something of the world beyond South Africa.

    But how difficult is it to get work in another country? Is it easy or incredibly difficult – and does it depend on the work you want to get? Let’s find out more.

    Does the job matter?

    Yes it does to a certain degree. Careers and jobs vary widely when it comes to whether your qualifications will be recognised in another country. In some cases you may not need qualifications at all, but you might need experience. So the wisest move is to do some research on the career you are in, so you can work out how easy it will be to do the same job in another country.

    You also have to consider which countries are looking for people who can do your job. Some may be looking for lots of workers whereas others may not have a shortage at all.

    Getting a work permit

    You will always have to get some kind of permit in order to be able to work abroad. However the nature of the permit – and how difficult it is to get – will vary depending on the country you want to work in. Again, once you have worked out which country you are interested in going to, find out all you can about the entry requirements, how long you can stay for and what is required.

    As you can imagine, it is impossible to move to another country to work there without having the right paperwork in place. So this is something to think about, regardless of the country you want to go to.

    Relocating or finding a new job

    One of the easiest ways to relocate to another country is to start working for a company in South Africa that can assist with the relocation process. This means you can continue to work for that company. This will smooth the process of going abroad, because you will simply be working at another location for the same company. This means some things will be familiar to you, and you may end up with less hassle when it comes to going abroad.

    You can see that there are stumbling blocks in some areas, and easier paths in others. If you are highly qualified and have the required skills foreign employers are looking for, you should generally find it a lot easier to get the work you want. If you are going about it on your own, it can be more difficult than if you get assistance from your employer in South Africa.

    However if you do decide to work abroad and you are successful in doing it, you can look forward to an experience unlike any other.

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