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  • Use the Power of Social Media to Find Your Next Job

    Posted on: November 21st, 2012

    Social Media to Find Your Next JobSocial media is fast becoming a promising way to find new job opportunities. The good thing about social media is that many sites are available to users in lots of different countries. This means you stand just as good a chance of using social media sites to find work in South Africa as you do at finding jobs in other countries.

    Here are our tips on using these sites to help you find more job opportunities.

    Use LinkedIn

    This is incredibly important and yet some people tend to think only of Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn is important because it is a professional site that has lots of professional people on it. One of these people could be a future employer.

    Think about the type of industry or career you would like to get into, or the kind of job you are looking for. Look for opportunities on the site and get involved in discussions that can lead you to connect with people who might be able to help. A lot of success can be gained simply by networking – and that is exactly what these sites are able to help you with.

    Remember to take time in filling out your profile on LinkedIn as well. This is very important because it allows you to have a long and in depth profile – almost as good as a CV. If you don’t take this part of your LinkedIn membership seriously, you may as well forget using the site altogether.

    Use other social media sites as well, such as Twitter and Facebook

    LinkedIn is notable for helping people find new jobs, but it is not the only site to offer such benefits. People have found work by using Twitter, Facebook and all manner of other social media sites as well.

    Twitter enables you to search for certain phrases in the Twittersphere, which in turn enable you to find job opportunities. You can use the hashtag (#) for this, and also send out your own tweets enquiring about job opportunities. You never know what you might be sent in return.

    Be regular in your efforts with these sites

    It’s not enough to spend a couple of hours on social media sites looking for jobs, only to forget about them the next day. Yes, you may get a job lead that pans out on day one, but it is far more likely the best opportunities will come to you in time.

    This means you have to commit to spending some time on the social media sites you are using. Persevere and don’t give up – you never know when you could be just five minutes away from finding the perfect job for your needs.

    In addition, using the sites frequently and updating your status whenever possible shows people you are active on the site. This could lead to more people getting in touch and alerting you to possibilities you may never have found otherwise. So use social media today and see how long it takes to get the job of your dreams.

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