What Are the Job Prospects For 2013 Like?

Posted on: January 10th, 2013

Job Prospects 2013According to a recent survey, 2013 is looking less positive in terms of job prospects than many people thought. The South African labour market is expected to remain downbeat, with employers reporting one of their weakest first-quarter forecasts on record. According to the research, job seekers in the Transport, Storage & Communication sector should find the most opportunities in the quarter ahead.

What are the top jobs for 2013?

Some of the top jobs for 2013 include an engineer, a pharmacist, and analysts. It’s a digital world and IT positions are considered amongst the best jobs in the world thanks to the fact that they are the backbone of the online industry. The revolution of the computerised world, and evolution of the skills required to maintain the computerised world mean this skill is always in demand. IT specialists are called in to install software which then becomes your support for communication, business streamlining, operations, production etc.

HR is a major resource that all companies are required to have. HR managers are there to uphold a company’s regulations while looking out for employee rights. Maybe not the best job as far as some are concerned, but many thrive on the energy that comes with this position. There is also a huge demand for career coaches, education professional and skills advisors as more people are changing jobs. Companies are becoming more demanding on the skill front and people want to make their offerings more attractive to potential employers. It’s a cycle.

The healthcare industry is another area where there will always be growth. People who consider this a calling feel it’s the best job in the world, and one can understand why. It’s also a position that won’t be made redundant anytime soon. It’s a reliable field to enter and offers many opportunities to travel, and transfer. Alternative health care is also considered one of the best jobs as it’s becoming more mainstream and people are now seriously considering these as valid healthcare options.

Well, financial advisors are a priority in this day and age. Thanks to the recession more and more people are turning to advisors for advice on how to make their money work for them as a way to provide for a sustainable future. Financial advisors have pressurised jobs and spend a lot of their time working on the move. This is considered one of the best financial jobs in the world thanks to the security it offers in the way of making money. If you think this is not the best job for you, then maybe think of the IT world where you can offer financial advisors iPad support and business streamlining to assist them in their highly pressurised positions.

If you focus on these professions, chances are that you will have great prospects for 2013. Follow these industries and find out what qualifications you need, challenges they provide, and possible salaries that you can look out for. You are sure to find the perfect career choice for 2013.

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