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    If you decide you want to become a banker there are a great many options open to you. The word ‘banker’ can cover a lot of job openings, so it is important to understand this before proceeding. However once you are ‘on the inside’, so to speak, you can look forward to finding out more about the industry and possibly being promoted from within.

    Let’s find out more about what you can expect to learn and discover working in the banking industry in South Africa.

    What does a banker do?

    There is no simple answer to this question, since there are so many roles within a banking career. You could be a bank teller, serving people at a bank counter and handling transactions all day. Conversely a bank manager will have a very different role, being responsible for an entire bank.

    All jobs will contribute to the smooth running of the bank though, whether this is through providing telephone services to customers or by providing financial planning advice. As you can see, there is a lot of opportunity to find a banking role that suits you and your ambitions.

    Banker Training

    What training is required to become a banker?

    The training you will need depends on the role you want to go into. If you want to become a bank teller you may not need a degree, although it will certainly help to have good qualifications once you leave high school. It can be of particular use to show an aptitude for maths, since this will very likely be involved in the vast majority of banking jobs.

    In other cases you can study to get further qualifications that are specific to banking careers. Good examples include a Certificate in Banking – a good general qualification – and a BCom. The latter is a Bachelor of Commerce, which is a good degree to have for anyone going into the banking world.

    The best bet is to find out what role you want to go into and then see whether you are required to have any particular qualifications to get it.

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    Banker Jobs

    What jobs are available for bankers and what do they involve?

    The jobs available in the banking world vary, from commercial banking to bank tellers and financial planning to bank managers. Many people start off by becoming bank tellers, because no proper qualifications are required for this. It helps to have good pass marks when you leave school, and to be good at maths, but training is provided on the job for this role.

    You can also aspire to become a bank manager if you would like to be responsible for one branch and everything that goes on in it. But there are lots of other roles as well, involved with business banking, financial planning, commercial banking and much more besides.

    As you can see, the route to become a banker is varied depending on where you want your career to go. But it is good to know this career is open to lots of different people – including you.

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