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How to Get the Most Out of Banking Careers

Banking CareersIf you choose to go into the financial field, there is a variety of banking careers that you might want to go for. Being a banker can mean a lot of things; since the baking industry is so varied and big. However, whatever position you choose, you will contribute towards the smooth running of the bank as a whole. You can also start out in one department and move over to the next, or be promoted to a senior position. You can work to become a bank manager, and be responsible for the entire bank.

There are many entry level positions

One of the best features of a banking career is that you will find many entry-level positions for high school graduates, with on-the-job training for such positions as teller and administrative worker. Another “pro” is that most banks offer advanced training for entry-level employees who wish to advance to jobs with better pay. One “con” of working as a bank teller as a springboard for advancement is that the work is hard, with many hours on your feet serving customers. Another potential “con” is that your employer will require a background check before you are hired to confirm your trustworthiness. Also, unless you have a college degree, you might not be a candidate for a managerial position.

There are many different roles within banking careers

The types of positions available are quite diverse; you will always have options available. If you are interested in an administrative support position in the banking industry, you will consider it a positive that these jobs comprise 64 percent of the available jobs in banking. Tellers, new accounts clerks, customer service reps are all administrative support occupations. If you are aiming for a management career, such positions as financial manager, loan officer, or trust officer may be your goal, but these require at least a college undergraduate degree in business or liberal arts, which could be a pro or con, depending on your education. You can also apply for a securities, commodities, or financial services agent position. If you like sales, you will consider it a “pro” that each of these jobs is sales-oriented.

As a personal banker, you can expect to earn R240,000 on average per year. If you have more than 5 years of experience, you can expect closer to R300,000 per year, which is a great benefit to have. There are a lot of growth opportunities available since the financial industry will always expand and banks will always open new branches. With a lot of opportunities for career advancement, banking careers remain popular and it is a great choice if you enjoy working with numbers.

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