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If you like to work with people and you have a natural interest in manicures, massages and other treatments, you may find a career as a beautician would appeal to you. If this is the case there is a lot to look forward to as it can be a rewarding career to enter for many different reasons.

Let’s find out more about what you can expect if you do decide this is the career for you.

What does a beautician do?

A beautician is responsible for performing beauty treatments for a wide range of clients. They may do this in a salon setting, although some beauticians have their own premises and others work in a mobile way, going from client to client to visit them in their homes.

Beauty treatment can range from a simple waxing procedure to a manicure and/or pedicure, and a wide range of massages.

Beautician Training

What training is required to become a beautician?

As you might expect, you do need to complete training in order to become a beautician. You should look for an accredited diploma course in beauty therapy, as this will provide you with a good grounding in the career. Make sure the course you take is accredited and recognised in the industry, otherwise you could study for months and achieve nothing that will further your career.

There are certificate courses available as well, but these are a more basic level of qualification. Look for a diploma course and you will be sure of having the right qualification to open up the possibility of getting a position as a beautician in a salon.

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Beautician Jobs

What kinds of jobs are available for beauticians and what do they involve?

Perhaps the easiest job to get as a newcomer to the field is that of a junior beautician. This is an ideal entry position although you will still need to be properly qualified to attain it. However you can generally get this type of position when you are newly qualified and it is a good way to build up some practical salon experience.

You may also see positions available for therapists and beauticians. Therapist is another name given to a beautician. However it may more properly be given to those who provide massages and other types of therapies rather than treatments such as manicures and pedicures.

Another option is to look for jobs as a nail technician. This tends to be a beautician who has decided to specialise in providing nail treatments. You don’t tend to see positions for senior beauticians who run salons, since in most cases a salon is owned by a beautician who has decided to open it.

Finally there is the option to become an independent worker and find your own clients. This can be enormously successful and there is a better chance of earning more money, since you retain all the income. You do have to register to pay tax of course, but you have a better chance of building up a clientele and earning a significant income as a result.

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