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Did you know that by working for someone else, you are automatically putting limits on what you can earn? It’s true – just ask anyone who is climbing the career ladder. They can only get as far as their skills, knowledge and popularity will get them. If their boss does not see them as experienced or worthy enough to move into a higher paid position, they will not attain it. read more»

If you want to become a part time worker it can help enormously to have specific skills. To this end we’ve created a list of the most important skills to have under your belt. These will help you find and keep the best part time position you can find. 1.The ability to be a fast learner. Many employers want part time workers who can hit the ground running. Being able read more»

Some people are under the misapprehension that good typing skills and a good phone voice are all that is required to become a secretary. Of course the reality is very different, and you need to have a certain number of skills in order to become a really good secretary with excellent employment opportunities. If you think you have the following skills and abilities, you could indeed make an excellent secretary. read more»

Every career manages to pack in a few surprises – things people never realised would be the case until they were established in that career. So if you are considering becoming a secretary, you will do well to read through these five things that might come as a surprise. 1: you often need to be bilingual While being able to speak Afrikaans as well as English is not 100% a read more»

Lots of people think about becoming a teaching assistant. On the surface it looks to be an incredibly rewarding job, and indeed this is often the case. However it will only hold true if you are the right sort of person for the job. If you are currently thinking about going into this career, it might be worth trying to answer some of the following questions to get your ‘yes’ read more»

So are you thinking about becoming an assistant teacher? Teaching assistants have a very challenging role but many find it very rewarding to work in this profession. It does pack in some surprises though, some of which you may not have considered or known about before. Here is some more information that may be of use to you in this respect. 1: there is a vast salary range for teaching read more»

While some professions require you to attend college or university in order to study for a particular qualification, others are different. For example, if you want to go into the IT profession there are plenty of online study courses that you should take a closer look at. They could help you achieve a place in the career you’ve always wanted. Online IT courses mean you can study alongside your existing read more»

The title of this article might sound daunting and ominous, but there is really no need to feel this way. In fact once you’ve read the five things we’ve got to share with you, you might feel that a job in South Africa’s IT industry will offer you even more opportunities than you previously thought. 1: you’ll have to keep up with the latest developments in computing This is a read more»

If you take a look on the internet it won’t take long to find several websites offering courses in web design. It seems the business of offering courses in web designing is almost as tempting as becoming an actual web designer. But there is a caveat to be aware of here. There is truth in the title of this article, as you may realise when you look online for information read more»

At times, being a web designer seems to be one of those jobs you can just start doing without much forethought. “Oh, I’m a web designer,” you can say, the day after losing your job in another unrelated industry. Since some people are self taught and can also work for themselves as independent contractors rather than being employed by someone else, no one would suspect otherwise. However there is a read more»