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The term builder is an all encompassing one to some extent. A builder can take on many different jobs, and is sometimes referred to as a contractor. For example if a client wants a new home built, they will look for a contractor to help them get the job done. As such, if you want to carve out a career that could be very financially rewarding in the long run, a builder might be worth taking a closer look at.

What does a builder do?

On a simple level a builder might build brick walls, extensions and other simpler projects. However in this case the builder may be more properly called a bricklayer. General builders and contractors take on larger contracts to build properties of all kinds, both in a commercial and private capacity.

The more you dig down into the profession the more you realise there are lots of different job roles available for you to consider. However a builder is generally someone who gets involved in the actual construction of a building or structure. This could be through putting in the foundations, building the walls or adding the roof at the end.

Builder Training

What kind of training is required for you to become a builder?

This depends on the role you want to play. Since many builders focus on specialised areas, the type of training you would need could depend on the role you want to apply for.

For example, if you want to become a general contractor you will need to take a course that taught you how to co-ordinate the many trades you would have to take control over on a building site. Business courses can therefore be just as useful as those that relate specifically to the building industry. Once you have some idea of the direction you want to go in, you can find the most suitable courses for your needs.

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Builder Jobs

What jobs are available as a builder and what do they entail?

Perhaps the most familiar job role you will see is the general builder. This type of builder usually takes on smaller jobs of all kinds. It could mean building a wall or even a set of raised brick flowerbeds for a garden. There are all kinds of smaller tasks that a general builder would undertake.

At the other end of the scale you have building contractors. This kind of builder will take on a large building job for a client and organise the whole project. This includes taking on the right amount of trades to help complete the work, which would include electricians, plumbers and bricklayers, all doing their own jobs.

As you can see, there are lots of possibilities available to you when it comes to planning a career in the building trade. This is why it is worth finding out which area interests you most so you can find out more about the training that is required. Only then will you be able to step foot on this rewarding career path.

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