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7 Things You Should Know Before Working as a Builder

7 Things You Should Know Before Working as a BuilderAs with any career, you should know as much as possible about building before you enter into it to earn money. We’ve put together a list of seven things worth knowing before you consider it as a suitable career.

1: you could stick to small jobs you can complete on your own

Some builders like to actually get stuck into the building process on their own. Some will be odd jobbers who will rebuild walls, construct garden boundaries and take on other more simple jobs like this.

2: you could become a general building contractor

In this position you can take on larger jobs such as the construction of a whole building. You would be responsible for overseeing the entire project, and you would have other builders and trades working for you.

3: you could specialise in one particular area of building

A good example would be a swimming pool contractor. Few builders focus on offering all kinds of building services – specialised services are more appealing. Even in house construction you would need to have access to skills of various kinds in order to complete the whole job. Of course in this case if you had enough experience you could act as the house builder and employ different trades to help in different areas.

4: you could take advantage of your design skills

If you have good design skills these would most certainly help you create a design and build service rather than being just a builder. Design and build companies provide people with the ability to have a project designed for them as well as built.

5: you could manage a building company rather than doing the actual building

Of course it would make sense to qualify as a builder first and get some experience under your belt. You can then develop your business and get others to work for you. However being the manager of your own business is the way to earn more money in the South African building trade.

6: there is potentially a very good income in store

A builder owning their own design and build business is likely to earn far more than a small jobbing builder taking on individual jobs in their own neighbourhood. But the potential is always there to earn more.

7: there is always the potential to study for more qualifications

Building is a catch all term that covers many different trades. When you consider the building of a house for example, you’ll need bricklayers, plumbers, electricians and other trades in order to complete the process. Few people train in all these trades because it takes too long and requires too much knowledge to be able to do everything. But you can still work towards more qualifications if you wish.

As you can see there are lots of things to consider before you start working in the building industry. This is a major area with lots of job opportunities, so be sure to consider them all.

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  • P B says:
    November 29, 2012

    This is strait forward work that gets easier day by day. I have worked in construction with my father for many years. Now I want to go out on my own, but I have to get certifications. Once I do that I can start my own company. If you want to do things right you should get your cert before starting work. That will save a lot of stress.

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