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  • Build a Career You Can Be Proud Of with Recognised Training Courses

    Builder Career training courses that are recognised as being among the best in the business. This will provide you with an even better chance of establishing a good career in the building industry.

    Look out for SETA accreditations

    When you are searching for recognised training courses, make sure you look for the SETA initials. SETA stands for Sector Education and Training Authority. It is unique to South Africa and there are lots of different SETAs that appeal to different industries. The one to look out for with respect to the building industry is CETA, as this is relevant to construction.

    However some construction and building training courses also have accreditations from other SETAs, including the services sector (Services SETA) and the Education Training and Development Practices (ETDP SETA). If you look out for the SETA initials you will know you have a good recognised training course to watch out for.

    CETA registered learnerships

    These are worth looking into because they provide you with the opportunity to learn all about various aspects of construction in conjunction with practical experience. As such you get the best of both worlds – or in fact of three worlds, because CETA stands for the Construction Education and Training Authority. This authority was created primarily to ensure the quality of training in the construction industry was second to none. You can see how worthwhile a learnership could be if you are able to qualify for a position.

    Choose the appropriate training courses for the career you want to follow

    A good introductory course to construction as a whole is the ideal starter, but you should then choose the most appropriate courses for the path you wish to follow.

    For example, if you know you want to work for yourself or you want to take a more senior role in the industry, consider a course in estimating and pricing. While this is not a hands-on course in building, it is just as necessary to the running of a successful business as bricklaying and other practical skills are. You need to know how to cost a job so you come out with a profit at the end of it. Without this type of course, you would be more likely to run into financial difficulties, and that would clearly be disastrous in the long run.

    It is easy to see just how important recognised training courses are when you are considering a career in the building and construction industry. Without them you will not be seen as a serious contender for the jobs that are available. You can start work in the industry with one or two qualifications under your belt, before training to get others as well.

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    • Kevin says:
      November 25, 2012

      This SETA accreditation stuff can be a bit confusing to newbies like me, so it is nice to see if explained in plan English.

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