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Some jobs definitely offer better prospects than others. Training to become an electrician – or more properly an electrical contractor, as you may see it described – is one of the more promising career paths you could take.

Here we shall find out more about what you can expect if you decide to become an electrical contractor.

What does an electrical contractor do?

An electrical contractor will install and maintain electrical systems. This could be in the home or in business premises of all kinds. They will also troubleshoot problems with electrical systems and replace them if and when needed.

This means having an extensive knowledge of electricity, wiring, fuses and general good practices concerning electricity. This is why there is a considerable amount of training to complete for anyone looking to go into this career.

Electrical Contractor Training

What training is required for you to become an electrical contractor in South Africa?

As you might expect, dealing with electricity can be a dangerous thing to do unless you have the required skills and knowledge. That’s why you will need to complete proper training in order to be fully trained.

It is important to ensure you get properly accredited training and one of the best places to go for advice on training facilities that are accredited is the Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa. You may see this written as ECA(SA).

There are different categories of electrical contractor – the general electrical contractor and those that work in construction, engineering and mining. You will generally learn through an apprenticeship that allows you to learn all the theory while practicing in a real life situation.

However you can also learn by training along with an approved and accredited person. You must have a minimum of three years experience before you can sit the trade test that is the final stage before you become a professional electrician.

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Electrical Contractor Jobs

What kinds of electrical contractor jobs are available and what do they entail?

You will see vacancies for all kinds of electrical contractor available today. A general vacancy for an electrical contractor will normally entail working in a specific role, such as on a building site helping to provide electricity to new builds. It may also mean working for a business and possibly going from building to building maintaining and updating the electrics there.

There are also other types of electricians you will see, such as millwright/electrical contractor, earthmoving auto electrician and maintenance electrician. This means there are lots of openings for the people who have the correct training and the knowledge to use it in the right areas.

If you think you may enjoy being an electrical contractor and you have an interest in this career, make sure you find out as much about it as you can. You will need to get several years worth of experience under your belt before you can consider passing the trade test, so look for an apprenticeship or somewhere you can get the experience you need in order to progress. Training is essential to becoming an electrical contractor, and once you have gone through it you will be able to look ahead to your new career.

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