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Electrical Contractor SalaryMost people look for a career that offers them the ability to earn a decent income over time. Of course, experience counts for a lot in most careers, but some require you to go through a considerable amount of training as well.

This is one of the reasons why you can expect to earn a good income as an electrical contractor. At the very minimum you would need three years of practical experience and training before you can become a qualified electrical contractor in South Africa. In many cases you would need five years of training and experience. Even though you would still earn a wage during this time – perhaps as an apprentice of some kind – the real earnings potential comes when you have qualified.

So how much can you earn as an electrical contractor?

Well it all depends on your skills and how long you have been in the role. It is reasonable to assume a newly qualified electrical contractor in any capacity will earn less than someone with, say, five years or more of experience under their belt.

One website with details on the salary data for South Africans working as electrical contractors gave the lowest income as R72,483. This is certainly a good income, but nowhere near as good as the highest income which was over R275,000.

How much more can you earn as you gain more experience?

You might be surprised at the income results in this area. If you had between one and four years experience you might expect to earn in the range of about R46,000 to R195,000. If you add another five years experience to that, the high incomes can go up to around R273,000.

Most promising are the incomes that can be attained once you have twenty or more years of experience. According to the salary information given in this circumstance, the lowest income earned by an electrical contractor with twenty years experience was R125,000 while the highest went up to R370,000.

Do electrical contractor earn bonuses or other forms of payments on top of the basic salary?

It depends on the specific job role and situation. Some electrical contractors won’t earn any additional payments at all, whereas others may earn a bonus if a job is completed on time. Some who work as independent contractors may get additional payments from satisfied clients on completion of a job, although this is by no means certain. It all depends on the situation.

One interesting point given by the website issuing the salary details is that some electrical contractor have provided information on profit sharing. This is again only feasible in certain situations, so it should not be assumed that such a thing would be earned by you automatically. Specific jobs and positions may come with bonuses such as these, but not all of them will.

The bottom line here is simple – there is a lot to appreciate when it comes to planning a career as an electrical contractor. If you have the skills and the qualifications you can look forward to a good income in future.

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  • Koffi says:
    November 28, 2012

    Maybe this one is right for me. It seems an interesting thing to learn.

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