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  • Do You Need to Be a Bright Spark to Undertake Electrical Contractor Training?

    Do You Need to Be a Bright Spark to Undertake Electrical Contractor Training in South Africa?It is fair to say that not everyone is cut out to be an electrical contractor. If you are seriously considering this career it is probably equally fair to assume you have some flair for or interest in it in the first place. However it is worth asking the question of whether or not you need to be bright to do it.

    What skills do you need to become an electrical contractor?

    You may think you will learn all you need to know once you start training. This is reasonable enough to say, but it does not cover the whole story. You need to be quite a logical and thoughtful person to begin with. Electricity can be dangerous and even fatal in the wrong hands. If you are the type of person who takes chances and doesn’t double check their work or do things logically, perhaps you would be better suited to another career!

    Electrical contractor usually have good skills at maths as well, so it is wise to make sure you have excelled in this topic. Having a logical and mathematical mind will certainly take you a long way in this career.

    Are there particular requirements physically speaking?

    While you may assume electrical contractor don’t need to be remarkably fit to do this job, you will certainly find it easier if you are reasonably fit. You will handle lots of equipment and sometimes have to get into awkward areas to check wiring and handle other tasks. This will be easier to do if you are fairly fit to begin with.

    Another aspect of becoming an electrical contractor is to ensure you have good vision and you are not colour blind. Being taught how to handle wires of different colours is one thing – but you must still be able to tell them all apart.

    Is it fair to say you must be reasonably intelligent in order to succeed in this career?

    Yes, you should have a good degree of intelligence – or as we said above, ‘be a bright spark’, if you are to succeed in passing the required benchmarks and tests to become an electrical contractor. This is a career where a lack of attention or a lack of understanding could result in death or serious injury, due to the electrical currents in play.

    Consequently the training that an electrical contractor will have to undergo is very strict and in depth. You will require a great degree of logic and understanding, and the trade test you will undergo before becoming fully qualified is, understandably, very complex and hard to pass. If you possess all the skills and knowledge you need you should be fine, but if you are not the type of person who should become an electrical contractor you would struggle to pass it. With that said however, it is very unlikely you would make it that far if you did not have the spark that is required to make a good electrical contractor in South Africa today.

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    • Fenyang says:
      November 14, 2012

      I suppose it is fair to say you need a bit of intelligence to be an electrical contractor, but other than the training involved the main thing you will need is plain old common sense!

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