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  • Warning! Graphic Design Careers Can Be Good For Your Bank Balance

    Graphic Design Careers Can Be Good For Your Bank BalanceGraphic design careers are becoming more and more popular; mostly due to the fact that technology is always changing and improving and this allows designers to be more effective and creative than ever before. This is a career that is best suited for someone with a creative mind and a flair for designing new and innovative concepts.

    What do graphic designer’s earn?

    Many graphic designers start out as beginners in an agency or smaller firm, before moving on and working on their own. It is a career that allows for flexibility and creativity, with a lot of potential – money wise. According to, a graphic designer in South Africa can expect to earn anything between R60,000 and R350,000 annually, with an average salary of R135,000 per year. This is very promising, and depending on your experience, you can turn this into a full time career.

    Graphic designers with less than two years of experience can already expect to earn up to R120,000 per year, and those with five to ten years of experience can expect up to R220,000 per year. This is very promising and explains why so many talented individuals choose to move into graphic designing. Although competition might be tough, if you can secure your own clients it will be well worth it. Most graphic design teams work with their existing customer base, which they will expand regularly.

    There are many different opportunities available to graphic designers

    What makes graphic design careers so attractive is that there is a huge variety of choices to go with. Designers can choose to design for print, or online, where they can focus on website designs, logos, or even 3D renderings. Marketing collateral for print is very popular, which is another area a designer can focus on. This is why full service agencies focus on such a broad array of services, because graphic design truly is a very diverse industry with a lot of potential.

    Another benefit of graphic design careers is that you don’t necessarily need training in order to be a graphic designer. A lot of top designers have worked their way up through experience and hard work, without having a degree or certification.

    This is a job that requires creative skills, which cannot always be taught. You can choose to attend training courses to fine tune your abilities and to broaden your knowledge on the industry itself, but it is not a requirement. If you want to improve your computer skills or your knowledge of a specific design package, you can always complete a training course as well. Many employers might require you to complete a course or have a particular certification before considering you for a position, so it is always wise to consider your options.

    With so many benefits to offer, graphic design careers are definitely worth considering if you enjoy working with designs and coming up with new concepts. It is an industry that is always growing and expanding; offering new challenges and a very attractive salary for professional designers.

    Graphic Designers Salary

    Those starting out in graphic design careers can expect to earn from R60,000.

    Top graphic designers in South Africa can earn R350,000 per annum.

    The average wage for some-one who has been a graphic designer for 5 or more years is R220,000 per year.

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