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Many people choose to become hairdressers because they like to meet people and they have a natural interest in hair and different styles. If you think this career might suit you, let’s find out how you can become a hairdresser and enjoy a rewarding and exciting career.

What does a hairdresser do?

It’s quite obviously really – a hairdresser cuts hair! But of course there is more to it than that – a hairdresser must be able to provide a wide range of haircuts and also to be able to colour hair and perform other treatments such as perms. They must also be able to treat and cut all kinds of different hair on different people, from men and women to children, and young people to elderly people.

Hairdresser Training

What training is required in order for you to become a hairdresser in South Africa?

There are a number of SAQA accredited qualifications available for those who want to train to become a hairdresser. These are called level two, level three and level four qualifications. Level two is the initial one to go for, followed by level three, which provides you with more in depth and involved training. By the time you have completed these two training courses you will have the skills to be able to perform a wide variety of haircuts for both men and women. You will also know how to maintain a clean and smart salon, and how to handle bookings and speaking to customers as part of your reception duties. As you can see, the training is quite in depth in all parts.

Level four training is not always required, but if you want to run your own salon one day it is definitely advisable to take this course at a later stage.

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Hairdresser Jobs

What jobs are available to those who want to become hairdressers?

There are a couple of options available if you wish to work in a salon. For example some salons offer a ‘rent a chair’ opportunity that means you rent a chair from them to use each month. You can arrange the hours and days you want to work and then keep all the income from each hairdressing appointment you book.

Alternatively you can work for a salary at a hairdresser’s salon. This means you work set hours for a set wage and you have the opportunity to earn commission on top. Generally speaking a commission is granted for every haircut you do.

Another option is to be self employed as an independent worker. In this case you would normally visit your clients instead of them visiting you, so you have to be able to drive and travel a lot. However it can earn you more money in the long run.

So there you have it – a snapshot of what is required in order to become a hairdresser in South Africa today. Could there be a future for you as a hairdresser? If you love meeting people and you want to be able to provide all manner of different haircuts and treatments, this is the job for you.

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