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    Hairdresser Salary South AfricaIf hairdressing is your career of choice, you will find that it is a very rewarding path to take; not only financially, but also in terms of meeting people and forming lasting relationships. Hairdressing is the perfect career for creative individuals who love to work with people and creating new hairstyles for their customers while they enjoy learning about the latest trends in the industry.

    To become a successful hairdresser you need to complete a training course that consists of either a level two, three, or four SAQA accredited qualification. Initially you can start with level two and move on to higher levels as you progress; level three provides you with more in depth training and upon completion you will be able to handle a wide variety of haircuts for men and women. You will also learn how to maintain a clean salon, and how to handle customers and bookings. Level four is not always required, but it is definitely beneficial to take if you are planning on running your own salon one day.

    So, what does a hairdresser in South Africa earn?

    As a hairdresser your salary will vary depending on your experience, hours worked, and of course your employer and his or her current market. According to, the typical salary for hairdressers in South Africa is between R18,000 and R305,000 per year, with an average of R60,000 annually for people with 4 or more years of experience. Professional hairdressers with 5 or more years of experience earn on average R160,000 annually; this shows that hairdressing is an industry that has a lot of growth potential and professionals with experience get rewarded for their efforts.

    When your training is complete and you have started working as a professional hairdresser, you should work to gain the necessary experience and build up your own list of customers. This will help you to remain successful and to build your network as much as possible. A lot of hairdressers will agree that their customer base is as a result of word-of-mouth referrals, which is the best type of marketing you can have. Referrals will always be a critical part of your success as a hairdresser as you rely on people to return to you regularly for years to come. If you can keep your customers happy, they will return to your salon every few weeks and you can build a solid business from these customers.

    What are the long term earning prospects for a hairdresser?

    Apart from building your network of regular customers, you might want to start your own salon one day, and for this you need an existing customer base to work from. Build up your network for a few years and use this to get started. This, combined with experience and knowledge, will help you to maintain a successful business and to steadily grow your operations as time goes by. will help you to discover how much a hairdresser can earn, and give you all the information you need to determine if this is the perfect career choice for you.

    Hairdresser Salary

    So in summary a hairdresser starting out in South Africa will earn from R18,000 per annum.

    Top hairdressers can earn up to R305,000.

    After 5 years experience working in a salon you can expect to be earning around R160,000.

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