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    The term ‘IT worker’ is an all encompassing one that covers all kinds of job roles. IT stands for information technology and it refers to working in the computer industry. This means that while some areas of IT work may not appeal to you at all, others could be ideal for your skills and abilities.

    For example many people associate IT roles with programming, and this is indeed the case in some respects. But other IT workers focus on problem solving within the information technology area, so there are lots of roles here that could interest you.

    What does an IT worker do?

    The answer to this question will depend on what area of information technology you are going to work in. For example you could work on the service desk of a large business, fielding queries from their workers when something goes wrong with their computers. Many IT jobs are problem solving in nature, while others are more creative, such as those tackled by programmers who create new programs and processes. You might choose to create web pages by writing new code, or troubleshoot computer issues someone else is suffering with.

    IT Training

    What training is required to become an IT worker?

    This is a complex question to answer, because it largely depends on what type of job you want to get. However many jobs require you to have an IT degree or a Bachelors degree in computer science or a similar subject. This will give you a good grounding in the topic before going into the workplace.

    You can also opt for more specific training courses to help you further your career in the area you are interested in. For example you could study an introduction to programming before going on to learn more about programming with C# or perhaps Java instead, depending on your interests. There are also courses for PC technicians and others that focus on using HTML and CSS among other things.

    However with that said, experience also counts for a lot. If you can get any work experience in computing it will stand out when you come to apply for paid positions. You may even be able to demonstrate self taught skills, which can count for a lot too.

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    IT Jobs

    What jobs are available in the IT world in South Africa?

    As you now know, there are different roles to be considered if you want to become an IT worker. For example you might want to become a developer, responsible for developing new software and programs. Alternatively you may rise to the challenge of being a service desk technician, dealing with the computer related problems other employees experience on a daily basis. Another option would be to work as a systems administrator, taking responsibility for the smooth running of the computer system at your workplace and ensuring it is safe and secure.
    Whatever you decide to do, becoming an IT worker is filled with opportunities – many of which can be very well paid ones too.

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