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If you’ve decided to become an accountant you’re probably interested to find out more about the different accountant jobs you may be able to apply for at the end of your training.

Here are a few of the positions you might see advertised when you start looking for jobs.

Management accountant jobs

A management accountant will prepare financial reports for use by the managers in a particular business. These reports will be accurate and up to date, so the managers are able to use them to make fast decisions on the actions they should take within the business.

Project accountant jobs

As the name may suggest, you would be responsible for accounting for the financial situation regarding one or more specific projects. Again your work will usually assist managers in making important financial decisions.

Financial accountant

This role may change significantly depending on the needs and requirements of the individual employer. However it will generally involve more than one aspect of the business and will include accounting and reporting in a number of different ways. You will also typically create financial reports on a regular basis.

Senior accountant jobs

This is a more senior role. Whereas you might start your career as a junior accountant, a senior accountancy role will likely have you overseeing other accountants you will be responsible for. You should therefore have some experience in managing other staff as well as in taking control of costs, perhaps to do with specific projects.

Systems accountant

This particular job title requires you to get involved in reporting. The idea is to monitor and report on the systems used in a particular business. You are also expected to provide suggestions on how to improve the existing systems.

Chartered accountant jobs

As a chartered accountant you will be very much in demand in South Africa. Once you have passed the required exams and completed the appropriate qualifications you can become an auditor – something no other type of accountant can do. Thus you can earn more and find more work, since auditors are very much in demand.

Insurance accountant

While this can simply mean working as an accountant for an insurance broker, it can also mean producing financial reports based specifically on projects relevant to insurance companies. One or (very likely) more insurance accountants can work for a single broker or company.

What will you aim for?

These are by no means all the accountancy jobs that are available today. However they do represent a significant portion of the jobs around, and you will also notice that they do not typically represent a specific type of business. For example you could work as a senior accountant for all manner of different businesses. The one thing they would have in common is they are large enough to warrant having a senior accountant managing several other junior ones.

The good news is that wherever you see yourself working as an accountant, there is a good chance you will find accountancy jobs in that very area just when you need them.

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