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If you are considering becoming a beautician, it is wise to think about the potential job opportunities this career can offer you. As you will see if you give even a cursory glance at the jobs available in South Africa at the moment, there are plenty of opportunities for beauticians to find work.

So here are some of the most popular and frequently occurring job titles you will see for beauticians in South Africa today.

Junior beautician

This role is, as you would expect, the most junior of those available in a beauty salon. You will generally assist other beauticians in their daily work. You will need to be qualified but you will find you are able to gain a lot of experience by starting in this role. A year or two spent in this role could see you promoted within the same salon or give you the experience you need to work in a different role in another salon.


This is a standard role for a qualified beauty therapist. This role will often require you to have some experience in a salon setting, although you do sometimes see vacancies for newly qualified beauticians. Some job adverts ask for at least a year of experience, which is why junior roles are available and worth looking for when you first start your career.


This is generally another title for a beautician, but it may refer to someone who provides various therapies for clients as well as providing more general treatments.

Nail technician/beautician

When you see this job title advertised it usually means you will be undertaking various jobs that you would expect of a beautician. However it also means you will specialise in nail treatments. This will typically form the main part of your job, providing manicures, pedicures and other similar nail treatments for your clients.


Again this is a more specialist role, although it will still need to be backed by experience and qualifications as a beautician. In this instance you will specialise in providing massages such as facials, back and shoulder massages and full body massages.

As you can see there are various positions and job openings you can look for once you become qualified. It is certainly refreshing to see you can specialise if you want to, as opposed to becoming a more general beautician.

Of course you also have the opportunity to set up your own salon or start as a mobile beautician, travelling to people’s homes and perhaps even offices to offer your services. You still need the required qualifications of course, but this is another path you can follow once you have gained some experience in an actual salon.

The main thing to be aware of is to gain as much experience as you can once you have qualified to work as a beauty therapist. There are few variations in this career, because even the jobs mentioned above are beauticians with a speciality rather than a different career opportunity altogether.

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  • ShreyaGoshal says:
    December 6, 2012

    Hi, Thanks for sharing the information it was really very helpful and where can get more specific information about these jobs… :)

  • Sai Sruthi Sandhya says:
    December 11, 2012

    hi, i have recently completed my training in cosmetology and just started my career as a assistant ,

    thanks for this article, very good information about different roles in beautician

  • Meghana Nandala says:
    December 16, 2012

    yes it is true that now-a-days there is more demand for the beautician jobs , i aa earning good money which is 60% more than last year

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