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If you want a career in the building industry you must think about the type of job you want to do. The term ‘builder jobs’ is an all encompassing one – it covers all kinds of different career paths you could choose to follow.

So with that in mind, let’s focus on a few of the options and areas of building you could go into.

Building contractor

This job role means you would be hired to oversee the entire process of building a property. This could be any kind of property or indeed building site – roads and other construction sites need to be overseen by a building contractor too. Obviously this is one of the highest job roles you could take in the business, and it requires a great deal of experience to carry it off successfully.

House builder

This type of builder focuses on building houses for people. They may buy a plot of land and build a house on it themselves, hiring out other trades to help out when necessary. They may rent out the house or sell it for a profit. Other house builders build properties for clients who have bought land. The most successful ones build lots of houses each year.

General builders

These are the builders that take on all kinds of building works. For example one day they might be building an extension on a property, while the next might see them building a new brick wall for a client’s garden, or rebuilding an old one. All kinds of other building tasks can also be undertaken.

Foundation contractors

Very often the word ‘contractor’ can be used interchangeably with the word ‘builder’. Some businesses exist to provide building services of a specific type. For example you could train to work with foundation contractors, who specifically provide the foundations for new properties before the actual above ground building takes place.

Plastering contractors

This is another type of role that can be undertaken in the building industry. New builds need plastering inside, and a building contractor will generally subcontract the work to plastering contractors to be sure of getting a good job done.

As you can see there are many roles to be played in the industry, and it is wise to consider which path you would like to take before you decide how to proceed. There are many possibilities and opportunities for people in the South African building industry, so think about where your skills might lie before pressing ahead. You could start by taking a general course in construction to find out more about the area as a whole, before considering which area would suit you best.

One thing is sure though – a career in the building industry presents you with many opportunities that could lead to a productive and rewarding career ahead. The more you understand your own ambitions and the opportunities that exist in South Africa (in all areas of the country) the easier it will be to plan a career path ahead.

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