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It is a long road to complete to be able to look for doctor jobs as a fully qualified and registered doctor in South Africa. However if you are considering following this career path it may be worthwhile to explore some of the doctor jobs that are available in South Africa today.

General practitioners

This is the most familiar role many people will recognise. GPs work in surgeries across South Africa, providing services for the local population. Their tasks will vary but they will see a range of patients every day and if you take on this role you can expect to come across many diseases and ailments.

Locum doctors

This type of job advert will also be seen on a regular basis. In this case you will fill in for one or more doctors as and when required. These job ads often ask for more than one locum doctor, especially if the practice happens to be a large one. It may also involve working part time instead of full time, and could require you to work at more than one practice depending on when and where you are needed.

Trauma doctors

As the title suggests, this role is for those doctors who are trained in providing trauma services to people who have been injured. Some locations have clinics that require trauma doctors, such as mines for example. You are likely to need additional training for this kind of role; similar roles are also often advertised and required for hospitals.

Doctors in other specialities

One thing you will soon notice when you start looking for job openings for doctors is that alongside all the locum and GP openings there are also jobs for various specialist doctors. These roles require additional training so you won’t be able to apply for them the moment you qualify and register as a doctor. You will need to go through more training for the appropriate speciality before you can apply for those roles.

Check the requirements for every job you apply for

This is very important indeed. If you qualify as a doctor and you are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (known as HPCSA) you can certainly apply for general practitioner and locum doctor roles. But all other doctor jobs are likely to provide a list of qualifications you must have in order to be considered. Make sure you check these against your qualifications to ensure you have what you need to apply in each situation.

As you can see, the locum doctor and general practitioner roles are really among the first steps on the ladder if you embark on a career as a doctor. From there you can gain experience and undergo more training in order to progress in your career. The more you know and understand about your prospective career, the easier you will find it to locate the ideal doctor jobs for you. There are more possibilities in this career than you may think and more workplaces available as well.

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