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Becoming qualified as an electrical contractor is only the first stage in what can be an enormously rewarding career. Electrical contractor are responsible for making sure electricity is able to come into a property, whether that is a business premises or a private home. They will also ensure there are no problems with the service and can resolve any issues if and when they arise.

So if you are considering becoming an electrical contractor, here are some of the job openings you might find and consider once you are qualified.

Maintenance electrician

This opening is for an electrical contractor whose main responsibility will be to maintain electrical systems of some kind. Normally you will find the position gives more information on the type of maintenance skills that will be required. For example it might state experience is required with air conditioning or UPS. In this case you would need to ensure you have the required experience as well as being fully qualified and trade tested.

Auto electrician

This type of electrical contractor works with motors – not necessarily to do with cars, although this can sometimes be the case. Anywhere that motors are in use, auto electricians can be required. For example sometimes you will see jobs advertised for auto electricians in the mining industry.

Electrical Contractor Jobs

Many job openings will simply ask for an electrical contractor, so it is wise to look for more information to see exactly what is required. Sometimes the electrician will be needed for a construction company and on certain occasions you will find there are more specifics within the job description itself. For example they may ask for the applicant to have a wiremans license.

Shift electrician

This role is advertised when the electrical contractor is required to work in shifts, rather than working a day job all the time. Indeed, irregular hours can often be a part of an electrician’s life. If you work for yourself you will be called out to emergencies and problems clients have, so you should expect this to happen during the course of your career. In the case of shift work you will usually rotate through different shifts, so you should know in advance when you are required to work.


This job may also be advertised as millwright/electrician, and indeed some large companies throughout South Africa provide apprenticeships in this kind of role. The millwright is not an electrical contractor per se, and yet they will be required to have an extensive electrical knowledge. This is why you often see the two job titles as one. A millwright will work on large pieces of industrial equipment, some of which will require electricity to work. This is why a millwright is often required to have electrician’s training, and indeed it can open up many more job opportunities for you.

As you can see there are lots of different avenues you can go down as an electrical contractor once you have the required training and you have passed the trade test. Which avenue will you take a closer look at?

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