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    If you are thinking of training to become a fitness instructor, you are probably also thinking of the fitness instructor jobs you could have once you are qualified. This article will give you a better idea of what to expect in this sense, and it will also provide an insight into what the career has to offer. You may be surprised to find there are more opportunities than you may initially have thought.

    Fitness Instructor Jobs – the Options Available

    Working one on one with individual clients

    Many fitness instructors find this avenue of the job to be the most rewarding one they can go down. You can take a course in becoming a personal trainer so you are better equipped to deal with the challenges and issues that come with this particular role.

    For instance as you will be working with individuals instead of groups, you will get to know each person very well. You will need to assess their health and fitness levels, and also be aware of any medical conditions they have that could affect the fitness program you design for them. You can then help them become a better, fitter and healthier person over time – something that is very inspiring indeed.

    Taking regular fitness classes at fitness centres and in gyms

    Many fitness instructors work at local fitness centres and gyms. They are responsible for holding classes in various disciplines such as stationary cycling, yoga and Pilates to mention just a few. If you like the idea of motivating a group of people and teaching them a particular type of exercise, this could be the job for you.

    The good thing about doing this is that instructors generally specialise in a couple of disciplines. For example you may enjoy the calmness of yoga and Pilates. So you could take SAQA approved and accredited courses that will give you the knowledge you need to take classes in these disciplines.

    The potential to be an independent contractor

    If you prefer focusing on individuals rather than teaching a whole group of people, you may eventually want to consider becoming an independent contractor. This means that rather than working with individuals as an employee at a sports centre or similar outlet, you can build up your own clientele and visit them in their own homes instead of them coming to see you.

    This obviously involves more travel but you can charge more for the convenience of going to see your clients rather than the need for them to visit a gym or fitness centre. You will also need to be a registered taxpayer and handle your own records and taxes. The main perk of going it alone is there is no ceiling to your income. If you offer outstanding services and can help your clients achieve their goals in a physical sense, they will pay you well for your services.

    So you can see you have several broad options to think about when you have trained to become a fitness instructor. Which path will suit you best?

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    • TomSailor says:
      December 6, 2012

      Hi, I am currently working as a gym teacher but planning to start a new gym of my own, thanks for the information it helped me to understand the requirements of the need for the gym.

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