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Once you have undertaken some training in graphic design you will be able to think about getting your first job in this field. As you will see there are plenty of opportunities for budding graphic designers, so it is important to know what to expect and what these opportunities are.

Let’s focus on a few of them now, so you know the potential career path that lies ahead of you.

A graphic designer with a creative agency

You will see lots of these adverts online inviting people to apply to become a graphic designer with a particular agency. Creative agencies tend to come in all shapes and sizes, with some far bigger than others. Some will focus on providing a smaller number of graphic design services, such as banner design, posters and logo creation. Others will focus on providing graphic design services for online purposes, including website creation and new branding.

If you have a particular flair for specialising in a certain area of graphic design, you can look for an advert for graphic designers that requests experience in that area. Alternatively you may be able to find other job openings that request an all round graphic designer to work with them.

Junior graphic designer jobs

This is a good entry role to look for if you are just about to get your first job after completing training. Junior roles generally involve assisting with various projects rather than undertaking them on your own. This means you can gain experience in the field instead of through training alone, and you can use this valuable experience to help you further your career.

Freelance graphic designer

There are lots of freelance graphic designers around today, establishing careers all across South Africa. Indeed this may be your preferred option once you have gone through training.

However while it is easy to become an independent worker as opposed to working for a creative agency of some kind, it is harder to actually find work. You must have experience to be able to establish your business, so focus on the skills you are offering and do your first few jobs free of charge. Ask friends if they would like a website. Perhaps you could provide a makeover for a local business, creating a new brand and identity for them. Once you have some experience and examples of your work you can add to your own website, you will find it much easier to progress in your own career.

As you can see there aren’t many alternatives when you go into graphic design. However different studios will provide different workplaces to gain experience in. If you work for a company that tends to focus on providing services to internet companies, you will likely do different work to that required by a company focusing on gift packaging and other similar items. So there is some variety there if you look more closely at the job descriptions.

Whatever graphic designer jobs you end up applying for, they could lead to a very bright future.

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  • JT says:
    December 4, 2012

    I consider myself a self-taught designer. I have done some freelance stuff in the past. After reading your article, I’m interested in joining up with one of the agencies. Because I know I can get more work that way.

    As I said I am self-taught, but I have been thinking of going to school so that I have proof of my skills. Will completing a design course help with my chances of being accepted by an agency? Thanks.

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