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If you love meeting new people and you have a passion for hairstyles of all kinds, becoming a hairdresser would be the ideal job for you. There are plenty of hairdresser jobs advertised online and offline today in South Africa. So it is a good idea to find out more about the potential before you start your training.

‘Rent a chair’ hairdresser jobs

When you rent a chair as a hairdresser you will literally pay to have a chair of your own at a local salon. This has advantages and disadvantages. For example you will have to pay the rental fee for the chair each month. However this is usually an ‘all in’ fee that covers your use of the water and also the electricity for using the hairdryers and other implements. You will therefore have to find enough customers to be able to cover those fees each month before you start earning money.

However the biggest advantage is you can find your own customers to come and see you at the salon. You can also decide which days you want to work, so if you need a day off in advance for some reason, you can simply choose not to work that day.


In this situation you will normally work set hours as an employee of a hair salon. In this case you will often get a basic wage with commission on top for each customer you serve. You may still get tips from individual customers; alternatively any tips may go into a central pot and be shared out among all the hairdressers each week.

Mobile hairdresser

This is a route some hairdressers decide to take once they have some experience and they have built up a clientele. Indeed it is the best way to boost your earnings and ensure you have a better income from your work.

As a mobile hairdresser you will travel to your clients instead of them coming to you. As such you need to have a driving licence and a car to use on a regular basis. You can however charge more for this owing to the convenience factor of your clients not having to come and see you.

Most hairdressers will work in one of the first two positions mentioned above when they first qualify and pass all their training. It is usually best to get lots of experience in these roles before considering working on your own. Indeed, some hairdressers have found that once they have built up a clientele, some of their clients will actually follow them and enquire about their services.

Another option – perhaps the ultimate as far as hairdressers are concerned – is to set up your own hairdressing salon. You will need experience before you do this, and indeed experience of working in another salon will be very useful for the future. It will show you what is involved and how it works, so you can build up some knowledge that will be useful later on when you achieve your dream.

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