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Since you need proper recognised training to become a locksmith, you will generally find there are good opportunities to find locksmith jobs once you are fully qualified. This is because it isn’t a job everyone can do.

So to give you an idea of the opportunities that are available in this sector in South Africa, here are some of the jobs you will be likely to see advertised.

Locksmith Jobs

Well of course, this is the most common position you will see. Most of the time these positions will ask for experience, but there are possibilities to get a job as soon as you have completed training. It all depends on the employer and the type of person they are looking for. If they have a small business they are far more likely to want someone with experience than a larger business where someone new can receive more advice and support in the early days.

Key cutter jobs

Locksmiths do far more than just cut keys of course, but you will frequently see jobs advertised for people who are required to work in shops. Thus the role will include a fair amount of key cutting as well as locksmithing tasks, so this is another good way to search for suitable jobs. Indeed it can be a good way to get your foot in the door once you have completed your training and you are qualified. Experience as a key cutter could make it easier to find a position as a fully fledged locksmith later on.

Handyman jobs

Is this unusual? Well yes, but you may find some positions asking for someone with experience as a locksmith as well as having other skills. One recent position in Pretoria asked for just this type of experience, and if you had qualifications as a locksmith you would have been a preferred candidate. It is always worth looking for just this type of job advert as it could provide another easier way into the industry.

Independent contractor jobs

Of course you don’t have to find employment with another firm if you don’t want to. Some locksmiths set up their own business right from the start, and since you are often out on the road going from client to client you will usually find you can get by without premises. Providing you have all the tools you need and you are able to promote your business heavily so people know you are there, you can do very well in this area. You can also develop your business so you can specialise in opening certain types of locks, such as safe locks for example.

As you can see, while the main position to look for is a locksmith, there are a few other options to look out for as well. When you take those first few steps into your career as a locksmith, it can be good to look for other associated opportunities as well. It could be the best way to start getting the experience you need to succeed.

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