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There are various nurse jobs that can be undertaken once the relevant training is complete. For this reason it is wise to consider what path you would like to take in your future nursing career. This will assist you in deciding what training to get.

Here are some examples of some of the nurse jobs and opportunities that may be available to you in the future.

Registered nurse

This is also sometimes known as a professional nurse. A registered nurse will perform a range of duties they are properly trained for. Typical examples include taking blood pressure and providing medication to patients when required. They also get involved in treatment plans for patients, whereby they ensure the right treatment and medication is given at the right times. This is really an encapsulated version of what a registered nurse does; it is also important to remember that a registered nurse is not yet fully qualified. This title will be lost upon finishing their training.

Nursing sister

Once you have gone through nursing training you will automatically become a nursing sister. You may still perform some of the same tasks you did as a registered nurse but other duties will vary. You are also likely to watch over other nurses during their training, so this is a step up from what you would have been used to.

Nursing auxiliary

This role is really an assistant to one or more nurses. As such they perform a lot of the less involved nursing tasks that qualified nurses would not always do. The role still requires taking good care of patients, such as giving bed baths and ensuring their sheets and bed are always clean and comfortable.

Specialised nursing roles

Just as with a qualified doctor, a nurse also has the opportunity to move ahead in their career and study to become more specialised. For example a nurse may decide to become a community health nurse. This role would take the nurse out of the hospital and into the community, as the title would suggest. It may involve visiting patients in their homes, some of whom may need more assistance or regular care. Others may have been discharged from hospital recently and the nurse will be required to check on them to make sure they are doing well. There are other roles like this in various other areas of society as well.

In addition to this a nurse can choose to specialise in particular area of a hospital. Instead of being a general nurse on a general ward, they may choose to focus on becoming an operating theatre nurse, or a nurse on a children’s ward. Each area requires a special set of skills to build on the training provided as standard for all nurses, so this is important to understand.

Whatever you wish to do when you train to be a nurse, it is reassuring to know there are lots of nurse jobs available once you have qualified. Which one will appeal to you?

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