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    If you have decided that working 45 hours a week as a full time worker in South Africa is not for you, the next logical idea would be to look for a part time job. There are lots of them to choose from, so there are plenty of opportunities to consider.

    This article should help you narrow those down a bit, and also to help you realise just how many types of part time jobs are out there to consider.

    Skilled part time jobs

    Some jobs require skills and knowledge for you to work in them. For example nursing requires a lot of training over a long period of time. You must be dedicated to working in skilled jobs because you will probably need to undergo a significant amount of training. Even working as a scooter driver would require you to get a 150cc scooter license so you were qualified to drive in this way. Skilled positions are normally better paid than non-skilled ones.

    Non skilled part time jobs

    These are jobs that do not require any qualifications or prior training or experience. For example, cleaners can be taught how to do their jobs in a very short period of time, as can many other workers. Some non skilled part time jobs will require common sense and the willingness to pick up the basics as quickly as possible.

    There are advantages and disadvantages to working in part time non-skilled positions. The biggest advantage is these positions are often easier to get, while the disadvantage is they will bring less income than skilled positions.

    Do you want temporary or permanent?

    It is important to note that not all part time positions are permanent. When you are searching for a position with reduced weekly hours, make sure you know whether it is temporary or permanent.

    Some businesses and professions are busier at certain times of the year when compared to others. During these times they may hire temporary part time workers to cope with the additional demand. This may suit you if you are looking for something temporary to tide you over until you start another full time job, or you have some other plans in store.

    However if you are looking for something long term you should consider a permanent part time position. This will give you more job security. It is interesting to note though that sometimes a temporary part time position will open up opportunities to get a permanent position with the same employer.

    As you can see it is important to evaluate your current skills as well as the types of part time positions you would most like to work in. Is it worth studying for additional qualifications now so you can earn more in the future? It depends on how long you want to work part time for. If it is temporary you may simply want to get the best paid non-skilled part time position you can.

    Once you have evaluated all the part time possibilities you can find and think of, you can choose the best job for your needs.

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