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    One thing you will want to know if you are thinking of training to become a plumber is what kinds of plumber jobs are available once you have completed your training. You may think, well, a plumber is just a plumber, and you’d be right to a certain degree. But there are some job titles out there you will come across when you are looking for jobs. Here are some of them.

    Assistant plumber

    This role is typically assisting a regular plumber in his or her daily work. As such it may not always require you to have qualifications, although you will probably have to show you are studying towards it.

    Plumbing foreman

    This position is for an experienced plumber with several years of experience. The level of experience will depend on the employer and what they require. A foreman will usually work on construction sites so you would be responsible for plumbers who will install all plumbing into a new build.

    Maintenance plumber

    This role will usually involve working for an organisation or company that is responsible for several sites. This could be industrial buildings, rental properties or anything else. You would also need a driving licence. This type of work would usually involve dealing with plumbing problems and also maintaining the existing plumbing to minimise any issues in the future. This type of work offers overtime and you would normally have to work some weekends as well.

    Maintenance technician

    This is a slightly more unusual role but it is an all round role if you have other skills you’d like to make use of as well. You will usually find the job description requires you to do other general maintenance work such as painting and repairs, as well as various aspects of plumbing.


    This one is obvious, but if you see an advert for the role it could be in a few different job locations. For example you might work as part of a team on construction sites, putting in the plumbing for new buildings. Alternatively you may be part of a team that works on behalf of householders. Some plumbers end up setting up their own business and taking on plumbers to work for them. Another possibility is to work for yourself, finding lots of jobs for householders wherever you live. Plumbers are needed all across South Africa, so you will never be short of work.

    The great thing is that if you are qualified to be a plumber and you have experience in the field, you will be able to transfer those skills into different jobs as indicated above. For example you could start as a basic plumber and then move on to become a plumbing foreman on a construction site. Alternatively you may test your skills as a maintenance technician before moving on to become a plumber. There are always opportunities for plumbers in South Africa, not just in the positions given above. This is why it is such a good career to consider.

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