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    In South Africa, working as a stockbroker often means working within an investment company. These individuals provide help for individuals and businesses who wish to invest money in the hopes of growing that money. The job of a stockbroker is to find those who wish to invest and to find opportunities for those individuals to invest, such as finding stocks that match the individual’s financial goals. This is often done through a process of working through the stock market.

    What Type of Stockbroker Jobs Are Available?

    Stockbroker jobs will vary. Generally, the most important consideration is how much experience the individual has. In order to be an investor, individuals must first obtain a license. This license, though, does not guarantee employment. Most will work specifically in investment companies. Initially, they may work as a trainee, where the job of the individual is often dependent on lower end investments or less risky trades. Generally, there will be someone who looks over the shoulder of those who are new to ensure they are able to make wise decisions.

    What are traders?

    Traders are another type of stockbroker. These individuals work on the trading floor of the actual market. The job of a trader is to process requests for purchases of stock. They also work to negotiate a price between the two parties, the buyer and the seller. Once the transaction is agreed upon, the sale happens, the trader then exchanges the stock traded and turns a profit in the sale. Traders have very intense jobs, since they must react very quickly on the floor of the stock market.

    Investment traders are those who work with individuals and companies to help fund transaction goals. For example, a stockbroker here will find clients who wish to invest in the stock market. He or she will then analyze the needs of the individual considering the types of investments the investors hopes to make, the amount of money they wish to invest as well as the type of risk that is tolerable. He or she will then make investments based on those criteria with the goal of growing the initial investment.

    Many times, those working as a stockbroker will work within an investment bank. Here, the job is to provide a connection for those businesses that need underwriting to fund capital improvements, expansion or other needs. They often work in mergers and acquisitions as well, which is the process of ownership of businesses changing handles through negotiations.

    Stockbrokers in South African can work domestically or internationally. Many will work in numerous stock markets around the world providing opportunities for investors to find the perfect opportunities to make money. Since most will earn their income through commission from the successes of those transactions, they are only as good as their work. Most will make wise decisions based on the goals of the investor to ensure that there is a profit as such. Though it is a very challenging job with long hours and plenty of risks, it can be a financially rewarding job for those who can handle the pressure.

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