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Before you embark on several years’ worth of training to become a teacher, it is well worth exploring the number and variety of teacher jobs that are available. This will help you figure out what kind of teacher you want to be.

Here we have focused on some of the most commonly seen teacher jobs you will find today. Perhaps one of them will pique your interest more than the others.

Primary school teacher jobs

A primary school teacher will be responsible for teaching the youngest children at school who have not long started their school life. As such these teachers will focus not on a single subject, but on a range of subjects and lessons. This position might appeal to you if you do not have a particular love of or knowledge for a certain topic.

High school teacher

This job differs from the above position in a number of very distinct ways. For starters you will be teaching much older children. Once children go up to high school they will focus on specific subjects in different lessons. This means you will need to have a degree in the subject you have an interest in and want to teach, as this will be your focus.

As such these teacher jobs will normally be advertised for those specific subjects. For example you will see things like history teacher, maths teacher and so on.

Relief teacher jobs

This role is created to provide support for teachers when they are unable to take their normal class or classes. You may also have heard it referred to as supply teaching. The idea is you would stand in for a teacher when they cannot attend their normal lesson. This will typically be a temporary role by its very nature.

Private teacher

A private teacher will not work in a normal classroom setting with lots of pupils. Instead they will work with a pupil who requires home schooling. Depending on the position this may be part time or full time. Some even require you to travel with the family, depending on the role and the requirements of the family.

As you can see, there are several main roles available in the teaching world. Most teachers will go into either primary or high schools, since most will be eager to teach one particular age group of children. Most people who work as private teachers will already have gained experience in a school and classroom setting before taking on this type of role.

A relief teacher can be a good way to get experience in more than one school, and to start your career. However it can be more uncertain since the role is often temporary and may require teaching different groups of pupils every day, especially if you are only required to cover the odd class here and there.

But whichever type of teacher jobs you choose, you will undoubtedly find them rewarding. Teaching is a career not everyone is cut out for, but if you are you will go far.

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  • Sam says:
    November 29, 2012

    Private school is a good starting point in my opinion. I don’t know that I could handle teaching more than a few kids at a time to start. Plus I think they will be more motivated to learn.

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