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As you will probably be aware, many jobs require you to have the proper training and qualifications before you consider working for a particular company or business in that area. However things work in a slightly different way when it comes to driving a train. Rather than completing the training and then looking for train driver jobs, you are required to do things the other way around.

So this article is focused on train driver jobs, with respect to the companies you can go to for potential openings.

Which companies offer train driver jobs in South Africa today?

The main companies worth looking into are Gautrain, Metrorail and Transnet Freight Rail. The best way to see if any of these companies are looking for train drivers is to watch out for any vacancies that may appear online. The good news is that this type of job normally sees a group of people taken on at once to fill a number of train driver jobs. Everyone will progress through training together and hopefully pass the training and start the job properly at the same time.

What are the options available for train driver jobs?

There are two main types of jobs available in South Africa today, much as there are in many other countries around the world. The first type of job involves driving freight trains carrying cargo and goods to all manner of destinations. The second involves driving passenger trains, carrying people to and from cities and towns across South Africa.

There is really very little difference between the two. Since you will be in the cab driving the train, you will generally not come into contact with the people or goods you are carrying on the train. However you must be trained to be able to cope with all kinds of potential emergencies that could occur. For example if an emergency was to occur on a passenger train, you would be required to know how to get people off the train safely and quickly if needed.

What do all train driver jobs have in common?

They all require you to have an interest in and at least a basic knowledge of engineering. This is required because you will need to perform safety checks on the train and also to understand what could be wrong if anything occurs or the train breaks down.

You will also find that all train driver jobs require you to be alert and to pay attention to what is happening around you all the time. If you should pass a red signal it could be disastrous, so you must always be alert and ready for anything. The training will help you perform your job to the best of your ability.

Train driver jobs are not always available; it depends on the situation at each train company. But when vacancies are made available you should apply quickly so you stand a chance of becoming a train driver once you have completed all the training.

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