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    If you thought the only vet jobs available to you as a qualified vet was to take a job in a veterinary surgery, treating cats, dogs and other common pets, it’s time to think again. In reality there are many other animals you can treat and many other situations you may be able to work in.

    Here we shall take a closer look at some of the vet jobs you might think about working in. As you will see, there are opportunities to specialise if you so desire, and if there is one particular species of animal you would most like to work with.

    A vet in a vet’s surgery

    This is the most common place you will find many qualified vets working in. They will handle regular daily appointments as people bring their pets to them for various reasons. The animals may require annual booster injections or they may have had an accident of some kind. Alternatively they may be sick and require treatment to make them better again. It is the vet’s job to determine the likely cause of any problems and to provide and prescribe treatment to make the animal well again.

    Rural vet jobs

    Not all vets work in surgeries. Sometimes the vet must go out to the animal rather than the owner bringing the animal to them. A classic example would be if the owner had a horse – clearly you wouldn’t be able to bring a horse into a vet’s surgery!

    Rural vets like this will go from property to property, visiting owners and their animals as and when required. They may deal with cows, pigs, sheep, horses and all manner of other animals of this type. Indeed some vets specialise in this area and set up a practice working for this industry. Alternatively you can get a position working at this type of veterinary practice.

    A vet working in a zoo

    This might come as a surprise, but it shouldn’t be really, since zoos have lots of animals that need to be treated from time to time. If you work as a vet in a zoo you will come into contact with potentially dangerous animals. You would perhaps deal with a much wider range of animals than you would treat if you were simply working in a veterinary surgery treating domestic pets.

    As you can see there are other possibilities when you become a vet. Vet jobs come in all shapes and sizes, just as animals do. Some will work with colleges and universities, teaching veterinary science to other people. This is not typical unless you have had practical training in the field of course, but it is another avenue to consider at a later date.

    Whatever vet jobs you end up doing, you can see this is a field that is challenging and rewarding at the same time. It can enable you to specialise in one or two particular species, or to enjoy seeing all kinds of family pets each and every day.

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