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So you are thinking of becoming a web designer. This can be a highly rewarding career to choose, but first you must get your foot in the door. Once you are in you can look forward to a challenging and interesting career.

Here are a few of the job vacancies you are likely to see in this field. They tend to come up in all areas of South Africa, from the Eastern and Western Cape to KwaZulu-Natal and through to Gauteng.

Junior web designer

As the name suggests, this is a junior position that is normally the first step on the ladder. Many businesses across South Africa require junior web designers, whether they are large businesses with in-house web design departments or web design firms. Juniors will still be expected to have a great deal of knowledge about all the building blocks of good web design. It is the ideal position to learn a lot on the job before moving on to more senior positions.

Web and mobile designer

This is a more advanced role that involves the creation of applications both for mobiles and for the internet. Thus you would already have to possess experience in creating designs for various mobile platforms as well as for the internet. People working in this role will generally have advanced coding skills with the likes of html and CSS as well. Quite often this kind of designer will work in a team, so there is an opportunity for a designer with a reasonable amount of experience in the right area to jump up to this role.

Web graphic designer

This job role requires you to create interfaces for various software applications. As you can see this is slightly different from creating actual websites. This is not an entry position; rather you would already be expected to have several years experience under your belt as a web designer, with experience in this particular area as well. The ability to work with all kinds of software and to create good layouts that can be used in these situations is essential, among a range of other skills.

Html/CSS web designer

The title of this particular position should tell you exactly what you will be doing if you attain this position. You will need excellent skills at using html and CSS. Quite often these skills can be used in one of two ways – either to code a site from scratch, or to convert an existing design into html and CSS if it does not already exist in that format.

You will find other job titles and opportunities for web designers out there today, but these are among the main ones that are available. Clearly you can expect to start as a junior member of a team, learning as you go and ensuring you develop your skills in as many areas as possible. There are several paths into the industry, and whether you forge one alone or decide to take training, there are many opportunities if you are skilled enough to grab them.

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