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    Becoming a locksmith, or working in the industry of locksmithing, can be a very rewarding and involving profession. While it basically involves locks, breaking them, picking them and cutting new keys for them, it involves a lot more than this as well, as you are about to find out. Would the career of a locksmith be ideal for you?

    What does a locksmith do?

    A locksmith will take on a variety of tasks during the average working day. While they do cut keys for new locks and existing ones, they will open locks as their most commonly undertaken task – hence the name locksmith. Basically speaking, anything that has a lock can require the skills of a locksmith.

    A locksmith will also work irregular hours. Even though they will work during the day they never know when they will be required. People do not lose keys or have problems with their locks in office hours! They tend to have these issues around the clock so you could be called out at any time. In this sense it can be an unsociable job, although it is a rewarding one.

    Locksmith Training

    What kind of training is required for you to become a locksmith?

    You will need to undergo professional training in order to become a locksmith. It is very important to choose an accredited course that is approved by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). SASSETA is another acronym to look out for. It stands for the Safety and Security Sector Training and Education Authority and it can provide information on learnerships and apprenticeships within the industry.

    You can study for an accredited National Certificate in Locksmithing as approved by SAQA. Once you have successfully attained this certificate you can apply to join the Locksmith’s Association of South Africa (LASA) as a full member. You must also register with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority.

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    Locksmith Jobs

    What jobs are available for locksmiths and what do they involve?

    You will occasionally see positions advertised for locksmiths/key cutters. This position will often be for someone working in a store. They should be able to cut keys as well as offering services for locksmithing when necessary. In this case the role will often be shop based but may involve travelling to visit clients as well.

    In many instances job adverts will ask for a locksmith. Read the details carefully when you come across these positions, because many of them will ask you to have your own car. Some positions may come with a vehicle but this is usually only the case with larger companies.

    There are few other openings for locksmiths you will see advertised, since most specialist locksmiths are independent contractors. As you can see though, once you are qualified you can apply for any standard locksmith positions working for all manner of companies. Locksmiths are required across many areas of South Africa, so it is a worthwhile career to go into. You could have a bright future ahead of you if you decide to become a locksmith.

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