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5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Locksmith

5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a LocksmithSo you are thinking of becoming a locksmith. Before you embark on this particular career it is worth finding out a bit more about it. To that end we have compiled a list of five things you ought to be aware of before you get started on the road to becoming a locksmith.

1: you must undergo suitable training

No locksmith can operate without getting suitable training first. Quite apart from the fact you wouldn’t have the extensive knowledge you need to do the job properly, you wouldn’t be able to practice as a locksmith either.

2: you can opt to take a learnership or apprenticeship to get started

SASSETA, the Safety and Security Sector Training and Education Authority, is the place to go to for information on opportunities in these areas. They can tell you how to register for these opportunities so you can start your locksmithing career.

3: you can choose to specialise in a particular area of locksmithing

Many locksmiths say they prefer to specialise in one form of lock over all others. Common locks are easier to open and because all locksmiths can do them, the issue of price is much more important. People will look for the cheapest locksmith they can find.

Conversely far fewer locksmiths specialise in opening safes. Therefore the prices will be higher because it is a more involved and skilled service. Fewer options for clients mean higher prices can be charged.

4: the hours can be unsociable

This is very important to note because it puts some people off working in this career. You cannot simply work office hours because people will require locks to be opened at all times of the day and night. Therefore you must be willing to work at odd hours and to work long days as well. This job also involves a lot of travelling, since you will be going from place to place as and when your clients demand it.

5: you should be up for a challenge

Not all locks can be unlocked in a few short seconds, no matter how experienced you are. Obviously experience of a wide range of locks does help, but there may still be times when you cannot unlock one for some reason.

Another challenge is the law that surrounds the profession. Clearly you must be diligent and careful in this career. If someone turned up with a bank safe and asked you to unlock it you should be very suspicious indeed! This is partly why training is necessary – not just to give you the information and experience you need, but to teach you how the law works with regard to the job.

As you can see there is a lot to think about if you want to make a career in locksmithing. While the rewards can be considerable, there are challenges as well, most notably the unsociable hours on a regular basis, including working weekends. Would this be ideal for you?

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