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  • Unlock the Secret to a Well Paid Career as a Locksmith

    Secret Locksmith CareersOne website recently reported the average earnings for a locksmith in the first one to four years of establishing their career as being around the R80,000 mark. That’s not too bad for a career in its very early days.

    But how do you get the best earnings as a locksmith? How can you make sure you are embarking on a career that will bring you a great income in the years to come?

    We mentioned a secret in the title, but really there are several secrets to making sure you get the best out of your career. Let’s find out what they are.

    The number one secret – specialise

    This is the best piece of advice we could give you when it comes to locksmithing. Choose a particular type of lock and specialise in it. Some locksmiths will focus on safe locks for example, while others will specialise in door locks. Others might decide to focus on a particular brand of lock, such as Chubb. Whatever the case may be, specialising means you will become far more experienced in opening and closing that particular type of lock. Indeed you may become more experienced than many other locksmiths in your area. This makes you special and it means you can charge more for dealing with these locks. This is where the additional income opportunities start to make themselves known.

    Make yourself indispensable

    It would be foolhardy to say you can open any lock, because there will be occasions – however rare they may be – when you may come up against a lock that simply cannot be opened. However, you could offer a guarantee that the customer won’t pay if you cannot open (or close) the required lock.

    If a customer sees a guarantee like this they might be more willing to choose your service than one offered by someone else. If you can find ways to make your service indispensable and irresistible you stand a chance of winning more business.

    Make yourself available

    One aspect of working as a locksmith that some people aren’t aware of is the unsociable hours. As you may know from experience, locks do not jam or become impossible for you to open during daytime hours. If someone has a problem and needs a locksmith at 3am, you must be able to offer that service. If people know you are available and willing to help them when they need it, they will call you and recommend you to others as well.

    So you can see there are a number of things you need to be able to do in order to unlock a well paid career as a locksmith. If you focus on the above three things you will have a great start to establishing a good career in this business. Remember, if you can offer services no one else does you can charge more as a result. How indispensable could you be in this line of work?

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