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Become a Part Time Worker

If you don’t want to work full time – perhaps because you have other commitments such as a family – you may be able to get a part time position as opposed to not working at all. This allows you to bring some money into the household and to retain your own connection with the workplace.

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What is a part time worker position?

Part time workers can be found in all walks of life. Basically a part time worker will work fewer hours than a full time worker. Full time employees are limited to working no more than 45 hours a week in South Africa, so part timers will work fewer hours than this on a consistent basis.

Your contract of work should include your normal hours of work and the days on which those hours should be performed. You may work one or two full days a week or several shorter shifts over four or five days, depending on the job and its requirements. It is up to you to find a job that has the hours and days you prefer and provides you with the income you desire.

Part time Worker Training

What kind of training is required to become a part time worker?

It all depends on the job you choose. Some jobs may only require a few hours of training to get used to the work you are being asked to do. Others may require you to pass certain tests or take training.

In many different careers there are part time positions available as well as full time ones. A good example would be a cook: some establishments require full time cooks as well as other skilled cooks who provide support on a part time basis.

If you already have skills in a certain career or job post, consider whether you would like to find a part time job that will make use of them. Otherwise think about whether you just want a more casual job you can rely on for some cash each week.

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Part Time Jobs

What jobs are available and what do they entail?

Some of the part time jobs on offer in various parts of South Africa in recent months include delivery drivers, sales personnel and waitresses. This is just scratching the surface of the opportunities that are out there for part time workers. Other possibilities include cashiers, HR workers, bartenders, administrators and many more besides.

In short there are many opportunities for part time workers to find jobs in South Africa today. Consider whether you want to make use of your existing skills or qualifications, or whether you want to strike out in a new direction. Some people get part time positions that are easy to do while they spend the rest of their time studying for a new career.

The more you know about part time work and what to expect, the easier it will be to find the job you really want with the right number of hours each week.

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