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    There are many opportunities in plumbing in South Africa. Some plumbers work for companies in the construction industry, as well as for plumbing companies, while others are independent contractors working on a self employed basis. However you decide to get work as a plumber, it can be a very reliable career. No matter what is going on in the country, there will always be a need for plumbers.

    What does a plumber do?

    A plumber can do many different things, including fixing leaks and replacing pipe work, as well as installing new bathrooms, taps and sinks. Thus your day may be filled with small tasks or you may get several days’ work taking out an old bathroom and fitting a new one. These jobs may be done on a construction site, putting new plumbing and hardware into new homes, or in existing homes, working for individual householders.

    Plumber Training

    What kind of training is required in order to become a plumber?

    If you want to become a plumber you must have the required training in order to perform in this trade. This is according to the National Building Regulations.

    You will have to complete one of two things in order to become a plumber. This will either be an apprenticeship lasting two years or a learnership lasting for the same length of time. The former requires you to study and pass 47 training modules. This leads to a trade test certificate in plumbing. If you go through the learnership you will need to pass 23 units, at which point you will attain an NQF Level 3 certificate in plumbing.

    The one thing you must be sure of, no matter where or when you study for the plumbing training, is that your course must be accredited by CETA. This stands for Construction Education and Training Authority, and it assures you that the training you have received is up to the required standards.

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    Plumber Jobs

    What jobs are available for plumbers and what do they entail?

    You will spot jobs for assistant plumbers that pop up from time to time. These are generally to assist a fully qualified plumber and may be suitable for those who are still undergoing training towards a qualification. You then have basic plumber positions which will require you to take on all kinds of plumbing tasks. This could be putting in brand new plumbing in new properties as they go up, or replacing plumbing in existing properties.

    There are also maintenance positions that require you to go from building to building for a particular company. In this case your general tasks would be resolving issues as they arise and finding faults and fixing them. Maintenance will also mean preventing issues from occurring if at all possible.

    So you can see the life of a plumber can be very involving once you have passed your training and got the required qualifications. If this career is for you, you can look forward to a rewarding time in the years ahead.

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