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There can be few more rewarding careers to consider than that of a police officer. While no two jobs are ever quite the same from day to day, this is definitely the case when it comes to being a police officer.

If you think you have what it takes to become a police officer, this article will provide you with more information about the career. You will then know what to expect in the future.

What does a police officer do?

A South African police officer has many different duties. The main duty is of course to ensure that law and order is upheld at all times. Crime prevention is just as important as locating criminals, solving crimes and upholding the law. All police officers must take an oath of office.

The main task is to protect the public in all kinds of situations and respond quickly to situations when the need arises. As such a would-be police officer must have lots of different skills and be fit and able to perform all the duties that are asked of them.

Police Officer Training

What training is required in order for you to become a police officer in South Africa?

Everyone who meets the requirements laid down for those wishing to join the South African Police Service (SAPS) will have to undergo an in depth training course. This requires you to go through six months of rigorous practical training, taking place at several police stations around the area of the training college. You will also have to undergo six months of theory training, learning the rules and regulations that surround the work, and also the law. Obviously you must know what you can and cannot do as a police officer, and how to perform your job to the standards that are required of you.

Once you become a serving police officer there are other training opportunities. These last for a set number of days each and focus on a wide range of areas. For example you could learn about fingerprinting, animal behaviour and firearms to name just three areas.

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Police Officer Jobs

What job options are available as a police officer?

While the most obvious job is that of an actual police officer, there are other opportunities to work in the force as a civilian. Before you apply for the role therefore, it is a good idea to focus on the different areas you can go into. These include communication and liaison roles and career management.

However as a police officer there is the potential to move up the ranks. You will start as a constable and have the chance to move up to become a sergeant. Beyond this you can become a warrant officer. These are the three ranks available to non-commissioned officers in SAPS.

As you can see, a career as a police officer provides you with an opportunity to serve your neighbourhood and country in a way few other jobs do. By becoming a member of the South African Police Service you can look forward to a solid and enlightening career.

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