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    There is no doubt the role of a teacher is a demanding and rewarding one all in one. If you feel you want to set foot on the path to this profession, you have a lot to consider and a lot of training to do. Let’s find out more about it here.

    What does a teacher do?

    A teacher, to put it simply, teaches. But of course this is over simplifying the matter. A teacher may teach young children who have just started school, or they may teach much older children in a specific subject.

    In either case the biggest task for a teacher is to ensure every pupil develops an interest in what they are being taught. While you can study and attain the degree needed to become a teacher, you can still make a big difference in terms of your personal and professional skills. The way you engage your pupils’ attention will make a big difference to the overall learning process.

    Teacher Training

    What training is required to become a teacher in South Africa?

    There is more than one path towards becoming a teacher and getting the degree you want. Some people choose to study for a BEd – a Bachelor of Education degree. Once you have gone through the four years of training required in order to gain this degree, you can also further your studies by specialising in certain areas.

    The other route into the profession is ideal if you know you want to teach a specific subject. For example let’s say you want to teach history. You would take a bachelor degree in history lasting three to four years, and then follow it up with a post graduate course. This would last for one year and reward you with a certificate in education to complete your training.

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    Teacher Jobs

    What teaching jobs are available and what do they entail?

    Teaching jobs are available in many areas of teaching. For example some teachers go into primary schools and teach young children a variety of topics on a basic level. They may teach children who have only just started school.

    Other teachers train to go into high school, attaining a degree in the subject they have decided they want to teach. You need an in depth knowledge of your specialist subject in this case, as this will be the only topic you can teach.

    There is also the possibility to become a one on one teacher, helping those who may need additional help with home schooling. Some children may have parents who want them to have extracurricular teaching and assistance so this might be a possibility if you would prefer this situation to teaching in a classroom.

    As you can see there are lots of possibilities for those who want to make the most of a teaching career. When you become a teacher you will be playing a crucial role in assisting children in one of the most important phases of their lives. Great teachers can be remembered for many years to come – will you be one of them?

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