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  • 6 Secrets to Being a Great Teacher

    6 Secrets Great teacherBecoming a teacher is something that many people aspire to do; teaching children or even adults can be very fulfilling, depending on your career choice and your abilities to work with people. If you love what you do, here are 6 secrets that can help you to become a great teacher.

    A Positive Attitude

    Having a positive attitude is a great asset to have, not only in teaching but in life. You will have to deal with many challenges, especially in the teaching profession, and a positive attitude can help you cope with these in the best way possible.

    High Expectations

    A successful teacher must have high expectations. Always strive to raise the bar for your students; if you expect average efforts, you will receive less than optimal results. You should work on an attitude that says that you know students can achieve to your level of expectations, thereby giving them a sense of confidence and higher work ethics.


    In order to create a positive learning environment your students should know what to expect from you in every class. You need to be consistent. This will create a safe learning environment for the students and they will be more likely to succeed. Students will adapt to your teaching methods and get familiar with the environment; you need to be consistent so that they can uphold your higher standards and avoid constant changes and unnecessary disruptions in your classes and processes.


    In the teaching profession, things are constantly changing and you need to be flexible to adjust. Work requirements might change, teaching content will be updated and improved, and you will have a variety of students throughout your career. It is important to be flexible so that you can always take on any challenge and work with the system as it evolves and improves over time.

    Be Fair

    Many people confuse fairness and consistency. A consistent teacher is the same person from day to day. A fair teacher treats students equally in the same situation. For example, students complain of unfairness when teachers treat one gender or group of students differently. It would be terribly unfair to go easier on the football players in a class than on the cheerleaders. Students pick up on this so quickly, so be careful of being labelled unfair.

    A Sense of Humour

    A sense of humour can help you become a successful teacher. You can help to relieve a tense classroom and avoid any unnecessary disruptions when challenges arise or if the work simply becomes overwhelming. A sense of humour will also make class more enjoyable for your students and possibly make students look forward to attending and paying attention. Most importantly, a sense of humour will allow you to enjoy your day to day classroom experiences and being a successful teacher.

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