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    If you love English and you are a good English speaker, you may have the desire to help others learn the language as well. If this sounds like you, a career as a TEFL worker (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) may appeal to you.

    We’ve put together some useful information as an introductory guide for you here, so you can decide whether this is the career that is beckoning to you.

    What does a TEFL worker do?

    Put simply, a TEFL worker will teach non-English speaking people how to speak English. Qualified South Africans will find there are plenty of opportunities in other countries that are not typically English speaking to find TEFL jobs.

    The teaching process is much the same in each situation, but a TEFL worker may elect to teach young children, older children or even adults. Many choose a particular audience they feel an affinity with.

    TEFL Training

    What kind of training is required in order to become a TEFL worker?

    The main qualification you will need is known as a TESOL certificate. TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. It means you have qualified to teach non-English speakers how to speak English. You can take this course online if you wish, or in a more traditional classroom setting.

    It is worth considering which country you would like to teach in before you plan your career as a TEFL worker. This is because different countries may have different additional requirements from their teachers. In some cases the job openings will ask for Matric as well as the TESOL certificate. In other cases they may ask for an education diploma or teaching degree as well.

    Certainly, having such a diploma or degree under your belt will be a big advantage, no matter which country you decide to visit.

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    TEFL Jobs

    What jobs are available for TEFL workers and what do they entail?

    There are many different jobs available for those who want to teach English as a foreign language and who have the qualifications to do so. For example you may want to teach young people so they grow up with a good understanding of the English language. Alternatively you can look for opportunities to teach English either in schools or in universities, depending on the age group you focus on.

    But these are not the only job opportunities available to you. You can opt for private tutoring positions if you wish; these involve teaching someone on a one to one basis. Some TEFL workers look for these positions as an extra part time job on top of their full time one, whether that is teaching English or not. You may even decide to teach adults in specific business settings how to speak English. Some large companies look for tutors in this respect.

    So you can see the world really is your oyster if you want to teach English as a foreign language. There are many countries and destinations that require TEFL tutors, so if you have what it takes there could be an excellent career ahead of you.

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