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  • Discover What Skills You Will Need to Make a Great TEFL Tutor

    TEFL TutorAs with any job, being a TEFL tutor will require you to have a number of skills to help you do well. These skills are completely different from having qualifications, so it is a good idea to read through the following items to see whether you have what it takes to be a great TEFL tutor.

    You will require patience

    Patience is probably the number one item on the list. Remember that while you will be fluent and experienced in speaking and writing English, your pupils will be introduced to the language in a formal sense for the first time.

    Some pupils will also take to it more easily than others. You must show patience with everyone, even if you have to go over certain points several times to ensure a pupil understands your meaning.

    You will need to be able to inspire and encourage your pupils

    Everyone has one or two teachers that stay in their mind long after they have left school. If you are able to inspire your pupils and encourage them to persevere in learning English even when the going is difficult, you may become just such a teacher to them.

    It helps if you are naturally a positive and engaging person, as this will translate into the classroom and your pupils will respond to it. If they look forward to being taught by you, they will undoubtedly achieve more because of it.

    You will need excellent communication skills

    This should go without saying. But it is worth mentioning because it is one thing to know how to teach English as a foreign language, and quite another to actually do it. You will be properly taught so you can get your TESOL certificate of course, but you must then translate those skills to the classroom. Being able to communicate positively and effectively with your pupils is a good skill to have, although you will develop it to some degree over time.

    You will need to plan ahead

    It’s no good arriving in the classroom with little idea of what you want to teach. Similarly you need to know what should be taught in what order, so the pupils can achieve the best results.

    As such you should know how to create lesson plans and also to plan each lesson in advance so you always know what you are aiming to reach next. This enables you to tell the students what they will be learning in the next lesson, so they too can look ahead.

    As you can see, teaching English as a foreign language is about far more than just getting the required TESOL certificate. It is also about possessing the right skills to become an excellent teacher, and one that your pupils will respect and look up to. It may take a while to gain real confidence in the classroom, but if you bring the skills mentioned above you will become a better teacher than you ever would otherwise.

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