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    Banking is a very interesting area to focus on when it comes to training. While some people have a very specific course to follow in order to become properly trained in a certain job, this does not apply to banking. Indeed there are lots of banker training courses available, and this can make things confusing if you are thinking about developing a career in this area.

    So keep reading to find out more about the training and to see whether you can find a path through to the banking job you really want.

    Do you have to get proper training in order to go into banking?

    No, not necessarily. You see, some banking jobs are ground level positions that do not require a degree. A typical example would be a bank teller. In this position the training you will need is provided on the job. This is why you will often see adverts asking for bank tellers that say ‘no experience required’. Of course it won’t count against you if you happen to have a good qualification or result in maths.

    Is there a degree you can get which would be good for any banking career?

    Yes, the best one to opt for is the BCom. This is a Bachelor of Commerce degree, and it focuses on many different aspects of banking. You can still go on to study for other qualifications after this if you know which specific area of banking you want to go into.

    Why do some banking jobs require you to train on the job rather than studying for a degree or diploma?

    The nature of the banking world can change remarkably depending on which job you are looking at. For example some bankers work in highly charged positions, responsible for a lot of money held on behalf of different customers. Their task is to invest that money and grow it. Clearly this is a very different job from working as a bank teller. While the latter does still require training it is much easier to obtain that training while working in the job itself.

    Are there other qualifications you could get as part of your banker training?

    Yes there are many others, but you won’t need them all. The ones you might need will depend on how you want to further your career and which direction you want to go in.

    For example there are various diploma courses available. These include a Treasury Diploma and an Estate and Trust Diploma. You can also study for a Marketing Diploma if this is applicable to your area of interest. Some of these will be irrelevant if you are not working in any of these areas.

    So you can see there is no single route through banker training in order to arrive at the job you want. This is why it is best to consider all your options and then research the type of qualifications and training you would need prior to applying for a job. In some cases, you may not need any at all.

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