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Do you have designs on becoming a bookkeeper? Perhaps you are wondering how you can enter this profession and what options are available for bookkeepers. Maybe you want to learn more about training so you know how you can make your mark on this career.

If it is bookkeeper training you want to know about, you are in the right place. Here we shall find out more about how to become a bookkeeper, and what training options are available for you to consider.

Do you need to be trained to be a bookkeeper?

If you want to become a bookkeeper you will need to be registered as such. You cannot be registered unless you can demonstrate you have knowledge in and of the profession.

It is worth noting though that some people get started by taking basic credit control jobs. Since some of these openings are very basic, beginning with the task of answering phones and making calls to chase up overdue invoices, there is the chance of learning from the inside, so to speak. Indeed there is also the opportunity to be taken on in this kind of role and to get your employer to support you through bookkeeper training.

What types of qualifications are available for those looking to train as bookkeepers?

There are three types of qualifications you can consider. The first is called a National Certificate and is the most basic of all the bookkeeping qualifications you will find. It could be considered as an introduction to the career.

Next there is a diploma course, followed by a degree course. Those people who intend to establish themselves in this career will likely move on to the degree course to ensure they have the best qualifications they can get. Indeed, you will find there are many more positions for those who are highly qualified as opposed to those who have just the basic qualifications. You will also open up the chance to earn much more as an experienced and qualified bookkeeper in the future. By taking additional courses you will have the chance to earn a much higher income over time.

Is experience just as important as qualifications when it comes to bookkeeper training?

Yes – experience does count for a lot in this career. This holds true regardless of whether you want to work for other companies or whether you want to work for yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of someone looking for a bookkeeper. Are they more likely to hire the person with experience and knowledge or the person who has just achieved a certificate in the profession but has no work experience?

Don’t let this put you off if you are new to bookkeeping though. There will always be positions for newcomers to bookkeeping. But you can see there is greater potential for highly trained bookkeepers who have experience in various areas of this discipline. The more you know and the more you progress in this career, the better your future earnings and prospects will be.

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  • lawrence valoi says:
    February 19, 2014

    I need to register as a bookkeeper, can I get the procedure plese

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